This book is a dramatic look at marriage disappointments and disillusions from a male perspective. Most men are fundamentally good and can resist the temptations of infidelity when given a choice. The challenges of dealing with a wife that constantly pushes them to the margins of her life can often be too much for some men to bear.

Right out of college, Norman was assigned a territory based in southern Pennsylvania. There, Norman met Gail, an attractive middle-aged woman, who was ten years his senior and they fell in love.

After six years, Norman was transferred away. Fearing their age difference Gail opted to stay in Pineville. Years later, their paths crossed again and Gail realized that she was still in love with Norman, However, he was now married with two kids and based in Seattle..

With his judgment clouded by the lack of attention from his wife, Norman began thinking that he chose the wrong woman for his life partner.

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