This book is a dramatic look at marriage disappointments from a male perspective. Most men are fundamentally good, and can resist the temptations of infidelity when given a choice. The challenges of dealing with a wife that constantly pushes them to the margins of her life can often be too much for some men to bear. Norman found himself the object of desire for a beautiful young flight attendant. He had several encounters with her in different places. He even had lunch with her in his own home town, but he didnt know the women. His last encounter with her was in his hotel room late one night on a road trip to Phoenix. His wife found out that he had invited the woman into his hotel room. She accused him of cheating and threw him out of the house, but he insisted he was innocent. With divorce looming, the only way he could prove his innocence was to find her and have her confront his wife with the facts. He had no idea who she was, where she was from, or how to find her. He was desperate to find the mystery woman named Pricilla, who was the only person who could save his marriage.

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