Bouncing Back Up

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352 pages

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This book is a continuation of the story that began in my first book, The Second Time Around. It depicts marriage disappointments and disillusions from a male prospective. Most men are fundamentally good and can resist the temptations of infidelity when given a choice. The challenges of dealing with a wife that constantly pushes them to the margin of her life can often be too much for some men to bear.


About Chuck Dozier

Chuck Dozier has been writing for nearly two decades. With numerous published articles and his life changing manuscripts to his credit his knowledge of the world and life comes from having traveled extensively. His travels have taken him to every state in the US and across much of six continents.

He grew up in northeastern South Carolina where he was the seventh child in a family with ten children. He shares a very close relationship with his six brothers and three sisters, most of who still lives in the area.



Norman’s private company jet was going to touch down at six-thirty in the evening at Seattle-Tacoma International. As if rehearsing for a drill they would perform later the plane’s gear unfolded from the belly of the G-3 and grabbed at the pavement at precisely six-twenty-nine in the evening and rolled out to a taxi speed. The pilot reversed the engines causing the nose of the plane to dip and then slow its roll. He took the first taxiway to the left and headed for the tarmac. As they were taxing to the boarding area that was designated for private planes the limo rolled out onto the tarmac near where his plane would come to rest. His personal assistant had stayed in the front cabin with him on the trip back to Seattle. They worked on a number of things that he needed to have done during his absence the next few days and they spent time talking about other aspects of the business, including future projects for his organization.


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