Welcome to Chuck’s Adventure Station. This is where you will  see some of the things that Interest me and get a glimpse at many of the adventures of my life. From time to time I will post segments and videos of the different things that happen in the world of Chuck Dozier. Keep watching for the arrival of the first segment, which will be coming very soon. Although I am an author, there are so many other things that play a part in my life. I suspect that many of the things that I am interested in are things that many of you are interested in as well. Now, I am aware that everything that I post here may not be of interest to each of you but sooner or later I’m betting that I will do or see something that will pique your interest. I will preface this by telling you a little about me.

I was born and raised in Horry County, South Carolina. I move away when I graduated form High School, to Huntington, West Virginia. I lived there for more than a dozen years and became an integral part of the Huntington community. I love that area and I have many, many friends there. I attended Marshall University but I had even greater ties to the community at large. I considered it like my second home. When I went to work with Ashland Oil Company back in the mid 70’s I began to travel. The different positions I held with them over an 18 year period had me moving to different parts of the country: Clarksburg, WV, Tampa, FL, Cincinnati, OH, Newark, CA. When I took early retirement from Ashland, I started my own business, based in Northern, CA. I designed office space and sold office furniture in Silicone Valley and other places across the West Coast and Hawaii.

In 2005 I moved to Durham, NC and began working with the construction industry. After three or four years of doing that, plus flipping houses, I took a position with a company that focused on managing Accounts Receivable for companies across the country. I was an Account Receivable Specialist with Transworld Systems for five years. In 2014 was divorced and I retired from there and moved back to where it all began; Conway, SC. I live about 10 minutes from North Myrtle Beach, SC. I’ve been writing and enjoying life since then. I do quite a bit of traveling now and I love spending time with my siblings, many of whom still live in this area. I’ve carved out a nice little comfortable life style for myself and I a happy. However, most of my ideas come from my worldly experiences. I have traveled to all 50 states in the US and more than 35 foreign countries across six continents . Many of the exotic destinations contained in my novels are based on some of my own experiences in some of these places. People tell me all the time that my work seems so true to life. Well, that’s because they mirror many of my own experiences. I am able to capture the essence of the character’s progress through the story because I’ve had some similar experiences at one time or another in my life.

Tell your friends about this Adventure Station and come back from time to time and check on me. If for no other reason; just to see what I’m up to or what I may be working on. I promise to make it as interesting as possible.

Thanks, Chuck